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    The National Fertilizers Company for Plants, Seeds and Fertilizers is a Kuwaiti based company. We stride in the field of recycling organic waste into high quality organic fertilizers without odor and safe from harmful microbes suitable for all members of society. NFC targets the largest producers of organic waste in Kuwait, whose production of waste is estimated in tons per day. Being a Kuwaiti company, we take great pride in our mission to convert waste into a beneficial solution. We stride in healing the environment from contaminated soil and minimizing organic waste that goes into landfills. It is important that we provide a valuable product that benefits the environment proactively as well as consumers at home and across our food exports to the world.

    Our Vision

    Our vision isn’t only to become the pioneers in recycling organic waste in Kuwait. It is to also create a greener lifestyle by producing a high-quality organic fertilizer that is a safer, cleaner alternative to other fertilizer. That not only benefits the plants and produces growth but also cleans and restores its soil. Our overall goal is to bring back a chemical-free base so that the next generation has the opportunity to stray away from harmful chemicals. OUR VISION BEGINS AT THE ROOT.

    Our Message

    Our mission is to protect the environment and preserve it by safe disposal of waste. This is why we recycle organic waste into decomposing organic fertilizers, safe and free from the causes of viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases and seeds of exotic plants such as nematodes, weeds, and parasites

    Our Advantages

    We offer the main advantages over other fertilizers as a biological friend of the environment and agricultural soils, as it has an effective effect on plant growth in general and a balanced plant nutrient source rich in soil-beneficial microorganisms.

    Why Organic Fertilizers ?

    Organic fertilization is considered the cornerstone that must be put in place to raise the production value of agricultural land and reduce environmental pollution resulting from wasteful use of mineral (chemical) fertilizers. Therefore, recycling of organic waste is one of the important factors that lead to the provision of quantities of organic fertilizers that meet the needs of agricultural lands .

    Our services


    After contacting our operations, your Waste Is Removed from Site by our licensed waste removal team. You Will Be Provided With A Waste Transfer Note after waste removal. The National Organic Fertilizers Company works toward providing a first class service, that is fast, efficient, and reliable In All Parts Of Kuwait. We are equipped with A Fleet of Transportation Vehicles of All Sizes Matching what best suits your needs


    Our trained staff Sought To Provide The Most Important Quality Standards In Our Products To Farmers And Investment Companies In The Agricultural Field


    we will attend at the agreed date and time to carry out your collection


    our company has a very qualified , UNIFORMED and TRAINED STAFF


    Organic Waste Recycling

    Converting organic waste can reduce the greenhouse gases and materials released from landfills, and your organic and food waste can be reused and converted into organic fertilizer.


    It is an organic fertilizer resulting from fermentation of plant wastes and animal manure, therefore it works to improve the properties of sandy soil and leads to increased water retention and helps reduce the use of chemical fertilizers because it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements, and it is free of nematodes, grass seeds, fungi and pathogens.


    It is the fertilizer of worms that result from the digestion of the redwigler worms after complete decomposition of the organic matter, in addition to the ability of the worms to overcome and digest the harmful residues present in the organic material and works to improve the properties of sandy soil because it is rich in beneficial microorganisms that increase soil fertility.

    Red Wigglers

    You can think of a healthy and safe way to use it to increase soil fertility, as it works to rid the soil of bacteria, fungi and harmful microbes because it contains beneficial and beneficial bacteria, which increases the rate of ventilation, it prevents the accumulation of dry organic matter and changes the porosity of the soil, helps to drain excess water and its waste contains weakening The ratios (nitrogen - phosphate - potassium) found in other types of fertilizers.

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